Reminds me of Falluja<br><br>How The U.S. Murdered a City <br><br>Fallujah: The Truth at Last <br><br>Doctor Salam Ismael took aid to Fallujah last month. This is a report of his visit.<br><br>02/17/05 - "SW" - IT WAS the smell that first hit me, a smell that is difficult to describe, and one that will never leave me. It was the smell of death. Hundreds of corpses were decomposing in the houses, gardens and streets of Fallujah. Bodies were rotting where they had fallen-bodies of men, women and children, many half-eaten by wild dogs. <br><br>A wave of hate had wiped out two-thirds of the town, destroying houses and mosques, schools and clinics. This was the terrible and frightening power of the US military assault. <br><br>The accounts I heard over the next few days will live with me forever. You may think you know what happened in Fallujah. But the truth is worse than you could possibly have imagined.<br><br>more <br><br>