I feel generous in blogging today...<br><br>http://www.google.com/search?q=american+indian+death+toll+1800<br><br>generation x generation<br>that's how this datamined game is played<br>read into Choicepoint and realize the plastic lie<br>the loophole and weak link<br><br>http://www.google.com/search?q=subcultures<br><br>No body seemed to have been warned properly during these past few decades...<br>of man's incompetence to coexist as kings shedding blood only on ball fields<br>no child's blood on their hands<br>female queens symbols of beauty and earth<br>suffer you evangelicals<br>the swords are raised <br>we are fire-proof now as you sink to your knees<br>up to your knees in lies and bills<br>yah heard <br>now come clean<br>stop disrespecting where you came from<br>her hand our food<br>Earth rights<br>her heart beats the loudest<br>hear it booming from above?<br><br>