I think both of you would be doing a disservice to those who died in the American Indian genocide and the Holocaust, should you attempt to get into a contest to see who had it worse. The point of stories like that about Little Bighorn is to give another view (perhaps more accurate) than that given in grade school textbooks all around this country that rationalize and even worse moralize these shameful conflicts.<br><br>The lesson learned here is not necessarily that modern Americans, generations removed, are responsible or guilty for the slaughter of American Indians, it's that we can't ignore these attributes in our shared history. When we look the other way on any kind of abuse, during any period of time, we're making it okay to happen again.<br><br>...and it did happen when America turned away boatloads of Jewish refugees before World War II. It happened again in Rwanda. It's happening again in Darfur, Sudan. The point isn't that we feel bad or guilty about what happened before, it's that we do something about what's happening right now.<br><br>-- Charlie Alpha Roger Yankee Whiskey
-- Cee Bee Double-U