Well, as is so often the case with Mac vs PC arguments, I must analogously point out that "features" per se are not the only concern, but also -- as I was very careful to articulate -- the "look and feel" of the UI. This system has all the features I use and more: private messaging, customizations, post icons, etc; it is not, however, up to par in the aesthetic department.<br>UBB has better layout: the icons for services, the colors, the text, the organization, the lack of gaps between posts...everything. Shoud I do a screenshot? I don't think that's necessary;surely you're arguing that WWWThreads is up to par feature-wise with UBB, not beauty-wise. That latter would be a ludicrous suggestion.<br><br>I mean, I have no binding interest, and I have no knowledge as to the costs of the differing systems. However, if they have the same features, UBB is a pleasure to use, for me, and this is not pleasurable. Ergo, MacNN.<br>It's up to you...<br><br>you are not your signature