I put the casinos in the same bucket as cigarettes. Neither offering is good for you, but they are certainly profitable for the seller. So the corporations will do whatever it takes to seduce you and your dollars.<br><br>Granted, an informed consumer can or should be able to resist the come-on. But the job of a savvy advertiser is to identify and overcome the barriers that the consumer may put up. I know that first-hand from all the relationship marketing I've done for a variety of liquor brands (so I guess that makes me a bad guy, too my only thin defense being that RM is more of a "thanks for your business" than "buy, buy, buy").<br><br>I too sneer at these characters that sue the tobacco companies because they chose to smoke for 40 years, and now they're sick. But knowing how some of these companies can set the hook tends to mitigate my scorn for the "victims".<br><br>