And I would bet that you don't think the goverment thru the FBI and other agencies<br>would lie?<br><br>There are political prisoners, Leonard Peltier is just one of many now held in<br>federal and state prisons after being set up by the government. read the book<br>In the Spirit of Crazy Horse by Peter Matthiessen. You might not agree with his<br>view point but at least you will have another side to the story other than the<br>"Official" government hype. <br><br>While we will never find out the truth about Leonard Peltier, JFK, Lee Harvy Oswald, Jack Ruby, Dr. Martin Luther King, Ruby Ridge, Pine Ridge, Viet Nam, Iraq, and other cases in our life time the truth will be told, not the governments truth, but the<br>real truth<br><br>Peace live long Friends<br><br>