Misha, it depends...how old are trhese Soundsticks? There were some glitches with original bathces, i.e, there was heavy clipping under OS 9, that was cleared when the computer was upgraded to OS 9.0.4/9.1. <br><br>As far as I know...the SoundSticks don't use any special installer software and they don't use a Control Panel. I've got mine hooked up to an Oct 1999 iMac DV, running 9.1/OS X, and they have worked perfectly since I used them. Even when starting up with "extensions off", they continue to work. I don't think they need any special extension.<br><br>So Misha...let us know what OS you've got on it...and when the SoundSticks were made/when you bought them. then maybe we can help.<br><br>Play it cool<br><br><br><br>