well, people in this community can post whatever they want (within the rules). if people respond, the thread will take off. if not, you'll have to bump it yourself to keep it afloat. i have theories on people who don't want to participate in political threads:<br>(1) not smart enough to comprehend the subject<br>(2) doesn't understand the importance of the political decisions in their own daily lives<br>(3) our political threads tend to be USA-centric...many people live elsewhere<br>(4) wishy-washy as to where they stand on issues (e.g., an independent)<br>(5) spends too much time talking politix in the real world and wants something else online<br>(6) realizes that people rarely change their minda...so what's the point?<br>(7) hates to read comments from people on the extremes (e.g., i hate bush...i hate daschle) and feels causes threads to quickly degrade<br><br>of course, there could be other reasons and i am not claiming that #1 above is any more likely than #6...i just randomly threw them up there. i am guessing most people here fall into #6, #7, and #3 with a few #4's. <br><br>[color:blue] -sean</font color=blue>