Blackeye Peas? Yeesh... c'mon. How "pseudo cool" can you get? Anway... here:<br><br>album art searching as well<br>system preferences now<br>searching for sunset now<br>bug on stage - steve gets error message - crowd laughs<br>searching metadata<br>cross-program data searching very easy to use<br>searching demo - searching through 4 million files<br>finds instantly<br>talking about spotlight<br>Tiger Demo<br>200 new features<br>5th major release of X<br>on target fr 1st 1/2 of 2005<br>most successful OS release<br>14 million active users<br><br>Mac OS X<br>100 retail stores<br>1 million visitors a week<br>hard to heard<br>people clapping<br>lights coming down<br>let's get it started in here - black eyed peas<br>please turn off your cell phones and pagers<br>music playing - vertigo by U2<br>9:00 people still coming into the room<br><br>
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