Ok, I'm on hold with Applecare, but let's see if anyone can help me first...especially since the hold wait is 15+ minutes. <br><br>I got home a few minutes ago and my G5 isn't connected to the internet anymore. I have the iMac running software base station with both the iMac and G5 with Airport Extreme cards inside. I have been connected wirelessly for about 2 months at least with no problems. <br><br>A restart doesn't do anything and I tried System Prefs, Airport Admin Utilities, etc but nothing on the iMac or G5. The menubar icon for airport on the iMac used to have the regular bars with an arrow pointed up...now it looks like this:<br><br><br><br>What's the problem? How can I get my G5 (and iBook) back online wirelessly?<br><br>I'm even considering getting an Airport Express base station....<br><br>
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