This is T - Y -P - I - C - A - L of Apple Computer.<br><br>Nothing like that goes on the home page without approval of the CEO. In many cases the CEO at Apple initiates the addition.<br><br>Steve Jobs is know for his very liberal views. The Clintons, after all, have stayed with them several times and they're friends.<br><br>I suspect if Steve didn't have the idea first it took him 1 second to approve it. They did the same thing on 9-11. This website shuts down on certain days of the year, right. Jobs isn't that well known, publicly, for his own philanthopy. It's there if you care to search it out. He's a quiet man. He only screams at employees when he's trying to get something right for our Macs. ;)<br><br>I don't know that being a Liberal or Conservative has anything to do with it. Corporations do "good things" to promote their image. But that'[s not true of all of them. This site shuts down for Veteran's Day, for example. I don't think that's PR. I don't think what Steve Jobs puts on his home page is PR. It's on iTunes as well, .Mac (I think), and it's on MANY sites around the internet for the simple reason that people in business also have the same conerns like those of us who bunch the button and contribute. I have. Have you? (a generalization not specific to the post to which I reply)<br><br>That button is all over the net. Some good folks don't have it, likel for a good reason. I'd guess we'll all see it as long as we see the American flags that appeared when we went into Afghanistan.<br><br>"I was born not knowing and have only had a little time to change that here and there." Richard P. Feynman