it took me half a day to set up a WDS at my boss' apt, and i have set up countless Airports over the years, have you looked over everything in the Designing Airport Networks pdf? the WDS stuff starts at page 48.<br><br>el manual<br><br>i know i tried to forge ahead with out reading the manual and it just caused enough headaches that my only solution was a paperclip hard reset of all the Base Stations (3 total). this is probably the best way to do it anyway, just start from scratch....<br><br>also, are all your Airports Extreme? i think they need to be.....<br><br>anyway, once i hard reset them, it was fairy easy to go through the set up. I have a SDSL modem/Router as the main network with an Airport Base station Extreme plugged in to that. then i set up an Airport Base station Extreme (APE) to connect to that and be a relay base station as well. then one more APE even further away to act as remote base station that just connects to the APE<br><br>once you have it set up, its cool. i could take the powerbook and walk from end to end in the apt and it seemlessly selected the best signal....<br><br>