I'll assume this means, uh, that you won't be signing the petition. That's cool. I wasn't taking an opinion poll, however....I was just asking anyone who cares about the issue to sign the petition. I'm not asking for the physical booklet...just a pdf. Some people care to read the lyrics, see the artwork, and read the credits of the people who put their blood, sweat, and tears in to the creation of the album. Others, like yourself, could care less. In this case, you simply opt out of downloading the pdf, or delete the one that would come to you automatically, whichever way they would provide the booklet.<br><br>With the new U2 releases, Apple IS including a booklet pdf. So apparently someone, somewhere has thje feeling that somebody would want to see the booklet. I would just like the OPTION of getting booklet pdfs for my computer. I know there are sites out there with scanned booklets...so apparently there is a demand. I'll assume you aren't going to those sites, but since we live in a world with many different people with many different tastes and preferences, I am sure there are a few people that visit those sites.<br><br>