So I got a flu shot Thursday and just like every year my arm is red with a welt.<br>(sorry for pic quality, I had to go to a low light room to get a mirror and it is not easy to take a pic of your arm and hold still)<br>This time though it is like tendonitis clear down to my wrist. I have had to take ibuprofen & tylenol. Does anyone else ever have this much soreness? I never get the flu though. This red bump you see is hard and feels hot. Yuch, glad I don't have to work. I couldn't even hardly type last night. Sucks to be me right now.<br><br>Cheers, iRock<br>"Even though Mac Users may be only 10% of the market, always remember that we are the TOP 10%"<br>-Douglas Adams
oh yeah, that's going in the blog