Well as the end draws near, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the entertainment. As Walrus surmised I have very close Welsh roots (hence the monica), and am a recent imigrant to the US shores, so there's still some stuff I either don't fully understand or follow in all its nuances. Though I started my computing career extolling the vitues of the old Apple II+, I have since been turned from the righteous path by large evil corporations that only support the holy Intel. I was directed here by a colleague, skuldugary, following chats at work concerning my run ins on another politically charged forum.<br><br>Since, from what I've seen of the members here, you folks appear to be far more mature than members of that other forum, I have an observation and a question to ask.......<br><br>Even in Rush Limbaugh's most rabid diatribes I have never heard him call for the assassination of John Kerry, and yet I have come across liberal comments that invoke the names of certain famous presidential assassins in the same breath as that of George Bush. I have also noticed that at almost any opportunity that these same liberals can call for all republicans to be shipped off to a war zone in the hope that they may interrupt the flight of a passing bullet (like I said, I've not seen that here, just elsewhere).<br><br>So the question - have I been unfortunate enough to run into some really sick members of our society or am I being too sensitive about a "joke".<br><br>(and for the record IMO Rush is a rabid crazy conservative)<br><br>
I used to think it was terrible that life was unfair. Then I thought what if life were fair and all of the terrible things that happen came because we really deserved them? Now I take comfort in the general unfairness and hostility of the universe.