Just a thought that's been kicking around in that pool of sludge I laughingly refer to as my mind.<br><br>The Mac community has finally abandoned all pretense at believing that the 'Great White Hope' of hardware parity, the Mot G5, will ever see the inside of a Power Mac. Having been convinced that the G5 is indeed simply the vaporware it increasingly seemed to be, we have enthusiastically turned our attention on IBM's 64 bit Power4-Lite 'Great Blue Hope' instead and we speculate great things for this Wonder-To-Be.<br><br>And they may indeed come to pass. <br><br>But at what price to the Power Mac sales now and in the next 12 months. If we 'know' that we're on for a massive performance boost 'real soon now', then what incentive is there to contemplate upgrading our pro hardware in the near future?<br><br>Will anyone be prepared to settle for a barely faster over-clocked dual G4 at a rather expensive price-point when there is much more to be offered just down the road?<br><br>I think not.<br><br>I believe Power Mac sales are going to tank - big time.<br><br>I hope Apple has a bunch of consumer goodies ready to go to make up the shortfall. I really do.<br><br>Nomex suit and balaclava on, extinguisher ready... <br><br>*For those non-antipodeans, a 'blue' in these parts means an error.<br><br>