link<br><br>International inspectors had Al Qaqaa ammunition depot under lock and key. We invade Iraq and allow 380 tons of high grade explosives from that depot to be looted. <br><br>These are not WMD. These are conventional explosives used to demolish buildings, make missile warheads and detonate nuclear weapons.This is what is used almost daily to kill our troops and slaughter Iraqi security, with no end in sight. This is what is being used to blow up pipelines. That's over 700,000 lbs! 1lb will bring down an airliner. <br><br>The NYT story indicates that the DOD knew about this for over a year, Bremer knew and delayed action, that Bush's incompetence is here displayed front and center.<br><br>"After the invasion, when widespread looting began in Iraq, the international weapons experts grew concerned that the Qaqaa stockpile could fall into unfriendly hands. In May, an internal I.A.E.A. memorandum warned that terrorists might be helping "themselves to the greatest explosives bonanza in history."<br><br>"Bush administration would not allow the agency back into the country to verify the status of the stockpile"<br><br>We're safer now on the homeland? Our troops are safer now? <br>This story will be huge and someone in this administration needs to take responsibility. <br><br>