Probably, but not for the reason you think.<br>Currently, collectively American pay more into the SS system then is going out to those collecting benefits. Even with a 2% reduction this would be true. The problem is the Government has always spent the surplus.<br>So if you are allowed to keep 2% of your own money and invest it in your own account so you'd actually have money to retire on the government would have two choices, reduce spending to make up for the 2% decrease that they can no longer siphon off the SS system or they would have to reduce SS benefits.<br>So, since the government is incapable of actually ever decreasing spending they'd probably just cut benefits.<br><br>SS is dead. If your young then you 15% is going into a hole. I hope you have a plan to take care of yourself.<br><br><br><br>No sig right now, waiting for the next Kerry flip-flop. .