HOLY ELIVS-IS-STILL-ALIVE, Batman! I have exclusive audio PROVING Gore wore a wire and earpiece in the 2000 Presidential Debate in St. Louis.<br><br>Listen carefully as Gore begins his opening comments. You'll be able to hear his pre-recorded audio being fed to him through his super-secret ear piece. And damn it if he wasn't plagued by the same glitches as Bush! Listen as the feed is accidentally fed to the entire hall.<br><br><embed src="http://homepage.mac.com/barnett112/.Music/gorewire.mp3" width=320 height=25 controller="true" autoplay="false" type="video/quicktime"><br><br>Jim Lehrer tries to help Al with his malfunctioning earpiece . . . <br><br><br>****************<br><br>[color:blue]VOTE</font color=blue>[color:red] for President George W. Bush on November 2, 2004</font color=red>
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