I'm an IT guy and I hate hearing these stories. It really ticks me off.<br><br>Our network is all Win2000 except for the graphic design team that uses Mac's. When i was hired some of the designers were using PC's because they had trouble sharing files with our Programmers and Production people. One of them was stalwart and using a PC and a Mac so he could trade files with one, work with the other...<br><br>Our IT team didn't want to support the Mac. I went to bat for them. Knowing the inherent advantages of Mac's for design work and knowing that anyone who claims that its difficult to integrate macs onto a PC network are full of sh*t.<br><br>I'm proud to say that because I stood up for them, all the designers now have Macs (as they wanted) and we use a couple of very simple and very affordable options to integrate them with the network and allow them to trade files with everyone else. Any IT guy who claims its too much trouble or money doesn't know anything.<br><br>The purpose of IT is to provide technology solutions to meet the needs of the company, NOT to limit technology. You tell me what you want, i make it happen in the most effecient and cost effective way. i don't dictate what you should be using to suit my conveniences or biased preferences.<br><br>This has turned into a rant i guess. I'm just trying to tell you that you can stand your ground and tell your IT people to do their job which is to provide you with solutions, not restrictions that hinder your workflow. If they don't know how to support Mac's on their network, the problem is theirs, not yours.<br><br>Maybe there are some specific trade things that are dictating this switch to PC's that I don't understand. My experience, though, is that there is always a solution to make everyone happy. it just might take some work. That, after all, is the IT dept.'s job.<br><br>Good luck.<br><br><br>