I suggest Blogger.com instead - there are a lot of features that I like about it. It also seems to get into google searches pretty easily.<br><br>I run my jackwhispers blog with it - after testing several (including iBlog) - blogger had the most control.<br><br>One of the best features is the timeshifted editting. I can edit any post - any content for any date I choose. So it's great for posting older or transferred content.<br><br>I used this feature so people could comment on my older stories at jackwhispers and get me even more keywords into Google.<br><br>The best way to advertise is to whore to your audience. Find websites that deal with your content, link to it.<br><br>Another way is to googlebomb it:<br><br>Go to your blog entry, then, in safari's google search bar - type a search term that relates. Instead of going to one of the search results that appeared, go back to your blog entry. Get a few different IPs to do this for you.<br><br>Of course the best way is to get people to link to your entry. Even if you create multiple yahoo aliases and have different websites that are just link pages that link to all your different entries - kind of like a table of contents.<br><br><br><br>www.adzoox.com & www.jackwhispers.com