Lurkers.... was fun while it lasted, but the last 20 or 30 posts in there are kind of ruining it, and may get that great piece of forum history erased.<br><br>The Five Word Threads... again, fun for a while, I enjoyed it, but it got old as well. <br><br>Donuts... I never understood any attraction to this thread nor did I find an ounce of humor in it, but obviously you guys loved it - so that's cool, but cmon... do we really have to hijack every thread with stupid donut and milk comments. I'm picking on donuts because it's recent. But virtually ever thread that gets posted gets hijacked, and I'm just as guilty as anyone in here.<br><br>Lets ad these threads to the list too:<br>"Lets See How Far We Can Go"<br>"American's Aren't Fat... NO WAY"<br>"Wow, when we stop..."<br>"Only 2120 More to Go"<br>"It's The Long Weekend"<br><br><br>All very fun, I started some of these, and participated in the rest. All fun indeed, and one might even say much needed. But old and stale. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!<br><br>And while we're at it... the posts for the sake of keeping a conversation going... you know, like the way Carp and I go back and forth with the Rufus/Cat insults. I can't speak for Carp, but I have nothing at all against him or his cat, but fealt the need to keep prodding him to keep a thread going. I don't know why, but that's the case. If I could count how many times Alec and I insulted each other over at MC, I would be old and gray by the time I finished... it's all in good fun, but then again, Alec and I had an understanding, and we were really the only ones "in on it." Over here we have a lot of "piling-on" with the insults that are meant all in good fun, but when people gang up, it isn't fun for the poor b@stard on the end of the insults. And for a new member of the board, it may be just enough to keep them from staying or even registering to begin with. How do we know that those 3 to 5 anonymous users every night aren't people checking out the forums and leaving when they see this mess?<br><br>I looked back just a short month to two months back in Lounge Posts and now realize how unhappy I've become with what I helped create. My original intention with "Lurkers" was to get the few people here who weren't posting to particpate. I never dreamed it would have kicked off such a fiesta!<br><br>This place has actually gone far beyond "The Lost Weekend" at MC and any other bout of siliness over there. And believe me, Alec and I put on some pretty good shows. Not even my "Boing-Boing" thread got as far as even our smallest 5 word thread here - and it got deleted!<br><br>I guess what I'm saying is, I know most of the people here (as well as you can know someone online, anyway). And I know that most everyone has a life outside this forum, and I would much rather hear about that, than post they beyond-mindless garbage we have all (myself included) been spewing all over the furniture here at MM. I'm not talking about the "What?" Thread, because that was actually more than just banter, it was a showcase of the talent here in the forum. I'm also not saying "MC Rules Apply - No Fun Allowed." But I think we need to show some self-restraint.<br><br>There have been quite a few new registrations here in the last week or two, a huge increase in posts, and a huge drop in "content & interest." At the same time I have noticed that Sean, Trog, TreeBeard, bDog, Shooshie, MachOne, John and a few others have barely even peeked in, let alone post. I'm not going to presume why, but I'm afraid that part of it may be that I/we have just burried this place in BS so deep that not even the largest shovel can dig out the good.<br><br>Lord knows that I like to "pile-on" but to be honest, I would much rather post meaningful text rather than the one-liners we've been doing. I'm not going to mention any names, but there are several MC members here who have been joining me in piling on the BS here, that wouldn't even think of doing it (at least not this much) over at MC. Why are we doing it here? This was supposed to be our "vacation bungalo" away from "them." <br><br>So whataya think guys... can we stop pissing on the floor in here and start treating this place like our own house? If not, I'll just say "WHAT?" and you will force me to unleash the largest flood of post padding BS the likes of which the world has never known.<br><br>Before you ask, yes it's really me, and no I haven't smoked any illegal substances nor consumed large quantities of alcohol<br><br>
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