Ever wonder why prescription drugs ae so high? Simple I can tell you. "Because you are paying for them." and among other things.<br>Have you ever seen a pen pencil or coffee mug with the name of a prescription drug on it? That's where the money is going and they have to recuperate for all their advertising and let me tell you boy do they do it.<br><br>My father is a physician (internal medicine) and the pharmaceutical reps will give you the world to recommend their drugs. Here are some of the things we have gotten.<br><br>Difflucan =Coffee Mugs,Fanny Packs and Sports Seat hand towels<br>Viagra= Clock, Newtons Cradle, T-Shirts Frisbee and Water Bottle<br>Paxil = Microwave Popcorn (have so much of it I give it out for Halloween) Boxer Shorts , Pencil sharpener, Visors Magnifying glass<br>Oscal =Pen,s paper steno,s ruler back pack binders( never had to go back to school shopping)<br><br>An one drug company paid for a weekend getaway an the Grand Traverse Resort complete with a rental car of your choice.<br><br>In retrospect of all the stuff we received whether it was practical or not it was completely wasteful . They cut out a lot of this perhaps drugs would be cheaper. Why do they even have to advertise on TV It's my doctors job to recommend what is best for me not some commercial that shows a happy person running through daisies claiming they can breathe now. Ever notice how often and how long those commercial run?<br><br>Your premiums are paying for my next vacation.<br><br>