Ok, I'm probably just being paranoid here, but recently I've noticed that my cable connection at home will sometimes be sending huge amounts of "information" to and from my machine while I'm not doing anything (i.e. applications like Safari and Mail are open but not active).<br><br>I first noticed it because my Motorola modem has an orange "activity" light and when I'm downloading a file or loading a web page it blinks or stays lit completely, depending on how much traffic there is.<br><br>Well, I've noticed that sometimes that thing is blinking rapidly or staying lit while I'm doing nothing but typing in Word or Powerpoint. Then if I open the Network Utility and the Ethernet interface transfer statistics there are literally hundreds of packets being sent to and from my machine! WTH? Under most circumstances there is one packet being sent every few seconds, which I assume is some sort of information used to maintain my connection with the ISP? But, hundreds per second???<br><br>So, what is all this information? Should I be concerned or is this normal?<br><br>