Why go backwards to those oldie flix?<br>It's a whole new world out there,<br>and North Korea is China's new Ace...<br>well, fuggetabout it pal<br>I'm done w/this virtual crap<br>good luck<br><br>If you get down and quarrel everday<br>you singing praise to devil's I say<br>why not help eachother along the way<br>make it a little bit easier<br>can't live that negative 'Bush' way<br>make way for the positive day <br>-Marley influence<br><br>Dalai Lama for world president<br>Jah Love protect us.<br>If it was only so easy<br>to be a regular person, human<br>rather than an enemy combatant, <br>I mean, 'on the watch' of the current admin<br>that's what I am<br>a mind of influence through art that is able to be tried by the patriot act standards...<br>do the homework and see<br>the neonazi's are all over the place<br>need I say more<br>http://boycottbush.net<br>leave this Babylon!<br><br>[color:red]!sevaS trA</font color=red>