North Korea is a horse of a different color. In that situation we have several nations who are better able to take a lead role, and can apply more pressure diplomatically than we can. China is a big one. China finally managed to get membership in the WTO, after years of trying. They are not about to jepardise that over N. Korea. They will lean on them hard and snap them back in line. N. Korea will not screw around with China, and we have China on our side on this one. Better to let them handle it. Iraq was another story. 12 years of failed diplomatic efforts left little choice, and non of the other Arab states were willing to apply any pressure. Europe was too busy getting rich off the oil for food program, so they didn't want any ragime change. That left only us to deal with him.<br><br><br>Salus populi suprema lex
Salus populi suprema lex