1. The War on Terrorism linked to 9/11. Initial attempts were made by the Bush administration to link Hussen to 9/11 and that terrorist attack on the U.S.<br><br>2. To stop the spread of Weapons of Mass Destruction.<br><br>3. Violence against women and the citizens of Iraq<br><br>4. The "evil" of Saddam Hussein (axis-of-evil, evil dictator)<br><br>5. Saddam Hussein was "the world’s most brutal dictator”<br><br>6. Iraqi violations of UN resolutions.<br><br>7. Iraq's capabilities to threaten it's neighbors.<br><br>8. The Middle East situation could not be any worse and the world should not live in fear (Bush 2002q).<br><br>9. Lack of inspections<br><br>10. Liberate the Iraqi people and deliver freedom<br><br>11. Regime change<br><br>12. Revenge<br><br>12. The safety and security of the world<br><br>13. The commitment to the children<br><br>14. Preservation of peace<br><br>15. Hussein was a "threat to freedom"<br><br>16. Disarmament of a dangerous regime<br><br>17. Destruction of Hussein's aresenal<br><br>18. Iraq's potential to sell weapons to terrorists<br><br>19. Consequences of failure to comply with resolutions<br><br>20. Saddam might launch a nuclear attack<br><br>21. Iraq poses a threat on the ground<br><br>22. Containment was not working<br><br>23. To stop Saddam Hussein before he could attack<br><br>24. Iraq had relations with terrorists<br><br>25. Rumsfeld said that a conflict with Iraq would not disrupt<br>the war on terror, there should not be a smoking gun, deterrence would not work, and inspections were not the goal (Rumsfeld 2002aa).<br><br>26. To bring Democracy to Iraq<br><br>27. To bring Democracy to the region and serve as an example<br><br>28. To secure the oil resources.<br><br>29. Saddam had invaded before and would invade again.<br><br>30. Saddam had threatened and might attack Israel.<br><br>31. So we don't have to fight terrorists on the streets of America<br><br>32. We are safer with Saddam in prison.<br><br>33. If I have to choose between taking the word of a "Madman" and protecting the American people, I choose the American people everytime.<br><br><br><br><br>