Groupthink New To This Country?<br><br>I recently read an article written by Barbara Ehrenreich and published<br>in the NY Times, in which she said that the phenomenon called<br>"groupthink" is the reason for the Iraqui war. Citing standardized<br>school tests and the concept of team players, Ms Ehrenreich says she<br>blames the events of 9/11 for the current outbreak of "groupthink." She<br>further says that "this nation was not founded by habitual<br>groupthinkers. But it stands a fair chance of being destroyed by<br>them. "<br><br>Here I beg to differ. "Groupthink" was alive and well when the first<br>white colonists stepped off the ships. Believing in the concept of<br>Manifest Destiny is what gave these intruders the "permission from God"<br>to kill as many of the "Heathen Savages" as they could in order to<br>possess the land and untold riches the inhabitants of this paradise<br>possessed. How else can you justify the burning alive of helpless women<br>and children locked in a church? Or priests passing out smallpox<br>infected blankets so whole villages would be wiped out?<br><br>We talk about the horrors of the Jewish concentration camps of World War<br>II. but the models for those camps were the concept of Andrew Jackson's<br>Indian Removal policies. Tiny babies were declared prisoners of war and<br>imprisoned along with their families and forced to march on the "Trail<br>Where They Cried."<br><br>I know there were many people who hated what was happening, but they<br>weren't strong enough to overcome "groupthink." Standing up for one's<br>beliefs is hard - especially if they go against mainstream thinking. (I<br>saw a statistic that said approximately 50% of the whistleblowers in<br>this country lose their jobs.)<br><br>But letting others think for you is downright dangerous.<br><br>With God on Our Side<br>by Bob Dylan<br><br>Oh my name it is nothin'<br>My age it means less<br>The country I come from<br>Is called the Midwest.<br>I's taught and brought up there<br>The laws to abide<br>And that land that I live in<br>Has God on its side.<br>Oh the history books tell it<br>They tell it so well<br>The cavalries charged<br>The Indians fell<br>The cavalries charged<br>The Indians died<br>Oh the country was young<br>With God on its side.<br>Oh the Spanish-American War had its day<br>And the Civil War too<br>Was soon laid away<br>And the names of the heroes<br>I's made to memorize<br>With guns in their hands<br>And God on their side.<br>Oh the First World War, boys<br>It closed out its fate<br>The reason for fighting<br>I never got straight<br>But I learned to accept it<br>Accept it with pride<br>For you don't count the dead<br>When God's on your side.<br>When the Second World War<br>Came to an end<br>We forgave the Germans<br>And we were friends<br>Though they murdered six million<br>In the ovens they fried<br>The Germans now too<br>Have God on their side.<br>I've learned to hate Russians<br>All through my whole life<br>If another war starts<br>It's them we must fight<br>To hate them and fear them<br>To run and to hide<br>And accept it all bravely<br>With God on my side.<br>But now we got weapons<br>Of the chemical dust<br>If fire them we're forced to<br>Then fire them we must<br>One push of the button<br>And a shot the world wide<br>And you never ask questions<br>When God's on your side.<br>In a many dark hour<br>I've been thinkin' about this<br>That Jesus Christ<br>Was betrayed by a kiss<br>But I can't think for you<br>You'll have to decide<br>Whether Judas Iscariot<br>Had God on his side.<br>So now as I'm leavin'<br>I'm weary as Hell<br>The confusion I'm feelin'<br>Ain't no tongue can tell<br>The words fill my head<br>And fall to the floor<br>If God's on our side<br>He'll stop the next war.<br>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br><br><br>