I needed a break from working for a few minutes... <br><br>I was reading these (one, two, three) Reuter's reports and I began to wonder what possible optimism is left for Iraq? I've never supported the Iraq invasion, but if it really turns out to be better for the country of Iraq in the long run then at least there is a silver lining in what is certainly going to be remembered as a blunder. <br><br>Sometimes I'll switch over to Foxnews.com to see how they write things to make them sound more optimistic. Today they only seem to be running the second story, originally from the NYT, and it is indeed glum, to say the least. I don't think liberal media bias is at work here.<br><br>This sucks, because no matter who is president next year we are left with this horrible mess to clean up and I can't see an upside anymore. The three justifications for invasion I've heard are:<br><br>1. WMD were stockpiled and could be used on the U.S. and allies. This is no longer even worth mentioning. It was never true, and whether you blame the CIA or the White House it was a big mistake and the president no longer even uses that as a reason for invasion. Every now and then they say things like Saddam was "trying" to get WMDs, but that is bullsh!t because so is Korea, Iran and probably every two-bit terrorist organization on the planet, and there is no way we are going to spend $200 billion invading everybody.<br><br>2. A connection between Saddam and the 9/11 attacks. This seems to have also gone by the wayside now that nonpartisan investigations have pretty much squashed that connection. <br><br>3. Iraqi citizens will be safer and happier without Saddam, and they will enjoy the freedom of a democratic government. This is the one that is now used by the administration most often and is most open to debate. The intelligence report (the one also reported at Fox) for the White House sounds terrible. The research was even from July and so it doesn't include the spiral of unrest that has been occurring over the last two months. <br><br>Is it better for the Iraqi people than when Saddam was in power? His iron fist 'mafia style' violence has been replaced by daily explosions of city buildings, organized rebels taking control of entire cities, destruction of holy sites, oil fires and environmental disasters, Abu Ghraib torture and rape, occupation by a western nation and the constant threat of a three way civil war. Its becoming a difficult case to make.<br><br>I think the usual optimism is that the pessimists are not allowing enough time for the rebuilding to occur, but one of the other articles from today talks about how billions of dollars allotted for rebuilding are now being funneled over to security. That might be the worst omen of all. That plus the intelligence report makes me wonder whether this whole thing is even possible anymore, even with the all the American tax money being poured into it?<br><br>There are now only a couple things I am certain of: taxes will suck in future years, and I am so glad I am not president Bush OR John Kerry. The next presidential term is going to be tough. <br><br>