I am brash like nycdewd, I don't like PC much at all and I was told recently that PC users find it easier to learn Mac than Mac users find learning PC... I disagree but then... who am I?<br><br>My son however is the systems and networks analyst and adminstrator for a telecommunications company. He switches from Mac to PC and back with a toggle switch he is so used to working between platforms. He works all day in PC/Linux/Unix/Mac.<br>I have never seen 48 copies of Netscape running at once on the same machine till I walked into his ofice. Luckily his word is the go so he is allowed to use his choices of equipment, whichs is sort of a PC/UNIX/Mac hybrid setup. At home uses the Mac for everything the PC can't do, serves it all out to the rest of the company, gets up in the middle of the night half asleep and fixes problems back at the office, troubleshoots all the computers in the company and that means their operators too. Yes he burns Mac CD's from PC. He sits down and plays with OS X for fun as he says it is not yet ready for doing the job he now uses WIN NT for.<br><br>Even I can burn CD's on my Mac which has never seen a PC and take them and insert them in PC and they work fine. I have burnt CD's on PC (particulary graphics) and they worked fine at this end too but ... I will never scan graphics on a PC again ever. So there really is not a problem between the computer platforms, more in the attitudes of the opertators.<br><br>..

but where will we be when the future comes?