[color:green]Even speed bumps are unnecessary for an appliance. What you want is good design, rock-solid reliability (with software that checks for its own updates and installs them automatically), and a brand that makes people feel good about buying it.</font color=green><br><br>It's pretty obvious even to the casual onlooker that iMac sales are tailing off rapidly. Whether or not "Joe Averageconsumer" actually needs a faster iMac or an LCD model is not the point. Whether or not he wants it is the point. I'll bet you didn't get a bottom-of-the-line car, even though it would get you from A to B just as well as that upscale jobbie you did buy. (I'm assuming they aren't delivering Corollas to the customers' door these days.)<br><br>Nor is it necessary for those with an opinion to actually have the intention to buy an iMac. An interest in the welfare of the company is all one needs. In my case, a selfish interest, spurred on by those 700 AAPL shares I own, at an average buy-in price of around $40. What I want is for iMac sales to go through the roof and share prices to skyrocket. Right now, in their current form factor, sales are heading floorward and schools aren't buying despite the price.<br><br>BTW: is that Doc Bob LeVitus?<br><br>John<br><br>John<br>[color:red]I don't need no steenkin' signature!</font color=red>