ah... I see your point now...<br><br>I think part of making all of the iMac's have the same enclosure is cost cutting... sort of like we're doing with cars now. If you buy a Jaguar, you have to know that the door handle is the same as on something else that Ford makes... it's just part of cost cutting... no matter what the designer comes up with, the managers will find a way to cut production costs....<br><br>so, thus, Apple needs to keep all of the iMacs in the same enclosure as long as possible, so that they can reap the rewards of buying more for less in the production process... which i think impacts why we won't see a flat panel iMac until they can get the production costs down for all of the components...<br><br>just my thoughts...<br><br>***<br>"Dying isn't hard for men like us, when every everything around you has been butchered or slaughtered .. living is what's hard."<br> --Clint Eastwood to Chief Ten Bears in The Outlaw Josey Wales<br>
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