I'm never sure on how to check for foreign connections to my network- I pretty much did everything 'recommended' for wireless security:<br><br>- WPA with password<br>- MAC filtering on whom can join the network<br>- No SSID broadcast<br>- iTunes has a password for the shared library, password to connect to the speakers<br><br>Is there some utility in OSX or is it in the Linksys setup that would show me if anyone else is connecting? I check my 'DHCP clients' pretty regularly, and it's always the three machines I have. Unless the new connections just aren't showing up- that happens sometimes unless I restart said machine...<br><br>I'm showing 4 users now after restarting iTunes and the laptop, so I managed to ditch *one*. <br><br>[color:red]C'mon...you know me.</font color=red>
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