Exactly why I didn't want to post the links. That's not the issue raised by the graphic that began this thread. The problem is that the graphic has been spinned into meaning what you allege.<br><br>When someone on the other side of the issue (and to say that Clinton is "left" is absurd, by the way) makes an error in naming--saying Jesus when he meant religion, and then acknowledging the error over and over and over--he gets badgered, berated, in effect called a liar. I'm called a coward because it's presumed I wouldn't attack Islam--when as a matter of plain fact, I did not attack Christinanity in the first place, nor would I attack any religion as a religion.<br><br>This thread, in short, illustrates the rhetorical approach of your side of the coin so clearly that I'm tempted to use it in a class as an example of spin doctoring.<br><br>
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