Of all people to nail this one, Kirsten Dunst:<br><br>KIRSTEN GETS ENVIRONMENTAL<br><br>Kirsten Dunst was prompted to buy a hybrid car after becoming an unlikely poster girl for environmental groups.<br><br>The actress admits she felt silly speaking out on environmental issues and then driving away in a fuel-guzzling sports utility vehicle.<br><br>She says, "I am always being asked to do things for environmental groups. I go, 'Yeah, I'd love to, but I drive an SUV.'<br><br>"So I thought I should get my act together. I can't be a hypocrite. There are too many actors who are. They roll away in their Hummers as they're saying, 'Bush is destroying the environment! Fill 'er up!'"<br>-------------------------------------------------------<br>Sort of reminds me of Kerry disowning "his family's" SUV, then getting into his private jet which sucks down hundreds of gallons of jet fuel on a regular basis. <br><br>near the bottom<br><br>