You CAN do acceptable work for your employer on the PC. There will be a switchover learning curve for you (and for your IT people who will have to support a graphics/publication equipped PC). <br><br>Although retired 3 years now, I was forced to use a PC. I had more RAM, better graphics card, Adobe Type Manager (that'll give ur IT folks fits!) a scanner hooked up, pen pad, camera and all kinds of different applications which the IT folks hadn't used and did not understand. <br><br>They ended up telling my boss to get pro outside help for my needs. It cost big big bucks. I spent time on the phone solving my own problems with Adobe, Macromedia and others (which we paid big big bucks for support). I needed that technical help (and I was considered a really smart computer geek) when they kept pushing me to use the newest, greatest technologies as soon as they hit the pavement. <br><br>I was glad for all of the attention and the learning experiences they were giving me. Oh yes, they paid $500 to $1,000 for courses I took too! I loved it. Especially since I usually had the latest, greatest Macintosh to come home to at night! <br><br>I agree with those who say -- you (a Mac user) can use a PC and you can get the work done. Just be sure to let your bosses know there may be a few bumps here and there as you redirect your years of experiences to a "slightly" different way of thinking and working. <br><br>Then be glad for the PC experience. It will broaden your skills and make your services even more valuable in the future. As someone else suggested, look for another job on a Macintosh. I always kept my foot in the door in case something else came along. Good luck!<br><br><br><br>* * * * * * * * ** * * *<br>Kate<br>