Based on the little poll/Electoral College Vote tracker on the home page of the LA Times (scroll down on the right sideóno membership needed because of the pop-up), I think this next election could be even closer in electoral votes than the last one: perhaps a tie! <br><br>FWIW, I colored my states based the interactive map based on my own intuition based on the available poll numbers and the state's own voting history. My 2004 map differed from the 2000 map on New Hampsire (4 votes) and West Virginia (5 votes) which gives us 269/269 instead of 260dem/278rep votes.<br><br>A tie more or less guarantees W the slot unless the incoming representatives change the makeup of the Republican-dominated House (not likely). It would be most interesting in that situation to see who the Senate (currently 48dem/51rep/1ind) would vote in for VP. T'would make for an interesting election year.<br><br>