There could be one of two things could be happening here..... <br><br>Your motherboard could be dead or Your power-supply could be dead... With out have more information i will talk about both...<br><br> Read this how a power-supply works .. even when you computer is turned off there is a 5volt current going in to you computer...<br><br><br>1. Dead motherboard<br><br> Since turning on the computer for most mac's (PowerPc Mac's) is done by a. the keyboard b. a switch somewhere on the computer which is connected to the motherboard. Which in turn sends a 5volt current to the power supply telling it to turn on. So if the motherboard is malfunctioning/or dead that 5volt may be getting lost somewhere or not being sent at all. <br><br><br><br>2. Dead Power-supply<br><br> The power-supply is dead, the 5volt current is not getting to the motherboard, and when you push the power key on you keyboard, there is no power to sent back to the power-supply to turn it on...<br><br><br><br>Most Macintosh power-supply's don't have a on/off switch on them, to turn on the power-supply.. its hard to figure out if it is dead with have a second power supply to test. <br><br><br>So unless you can get a free/dirt cheap power supply for it, you might think about taking it in some place to get it looked at...<br><br><br>Oni<br><br><br><br>We got the Death Star, We got the Death Star.