Here's my take on the "liberal" AP. I think the AP is just an organization (and for reference down below, I do not include it as part of the "news reporting media outlets"). It's loaded with way more liberal-minded, fresh-from-University individuals than conservative. Sometimes, a less-than scrupulous reporters lays in with his own bias (and even lies to support his agenda)—because of said previous weight of more liberal than conservative staff, odds are, you'll have more liberal than conservative unscrupulous reporters. Thusly, more of this "liberal bias" comes through. But just as you've shown, someone responsibly pulled the mistake/flame. (of course it would be most responsible to also print a retraction/correction)<br><br>Here's where the problem comes in. The news reporting media is not liberal. It's for profit only. That makes them lazy when it comes to reporting the news. It's cheaper to simply grab AP newsfeeds and Whitehouse press releases verbatim rather than to investigate their own stories sending in their own investigative reporters or to confirm the releases they regurgitate. In the case of the media running the AP newsfeeds, the controversial, sensational or otherwise inflammatory pieces attract more eyeballs and therefore advertising dollars. It doesn't matter if it's accurate... if it gets folks to tune in or buy a paper, it's good for their pocketbook—whether it be conservative or liberal (see paragraph above as to why it's coincidentally liberal)<br><br>Will any of these media outlets print a retraction. Hell no. That would show that they were at fault for not checking a story. That would mean that Joe Public would not be able to trust the news from that outlet any more and he'd have to take his Nielson statistics to another outlet. As if he should be trusting any of them! I don't (not because they are liberal, but because they a lazy and concerned only with the bottom-line of cost-effective profiteering and not news gathering).<br><br>Matt (and everyone else too), what news outlets do you trust? Personally, all cable-news-network and network broadcast news are right out—I might as well as read the Enquirer to get accurate and thoughtful reporting. I don't trust any newspaper that is predominantly AP newspieces (which means just about all of them). When I do watch political news unfold on TV, I'm usually doing it on C-SPAN (raw and uninterpreted). Though I like the material covered by NPR (covering more esoteric and complicated stuff, not just the sensational stuff), there's certainly a liberal slant there. So I don't listen much there either. I like to hear BBC and CBC material for the sake of hearing it from the perspective of an outsider (and certainly find that they provide more details than the American outlets do about American matters). So what do you like?<br><br>