This is going to be a little bit of a apologies in advance...I'm not writing any of this with a sentiment of "irony" or sarcasm...and it may seem a little again, apologies...<br><br>Who do you blame for the murder of the children in this situation? Don't we as a society make children the targets each time a politician gets up and invokes the "child factor"?? For god's's about time politicians and the world in general is held accountable for making children walking targets by hiding behind them.<br><br>I'm sure I'm just oversimplifying, but the terrorists in Russia wouldn't have chosen a school on the first day with kids as the target if the political rhetoric that invokes children as compelling, justified reasoning for *insert political or business agenda here* didn't exist.<br><br>It's time to STOP ACCEPTING THIS RHETORIC from leaders. Demand logic and critical reasoning for arguments instead.<br><br>If it's unacceptable for rogue regimes to literally use body shields to protect facilities (etc.), it's just as unacceptable for politicians to invoke children as political shields...otherwise the Russian school incident will become a model for the future.<br><br>Hope some of that makes some sense...<br><br>
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