I can see it on the other side, Larry. If it's Tuesday, we can't win against terrorists. If it's Wednesday, we can. I don't see it on the Kerry side. Lack of context will produce contradiction, no doubt. I'm afraid that most people will swallow the accusations about Kerry's self-contradictions because most people don't bother to go beyond the sound bite. So I voted for then voted against is a great accusation for Bush to raise, but it ignores the context of what was being voted for. And on it goes. I guess electoral politics always work the same way, and it works in both directions--I don't deny that at all. The half-truths, innuendoes, outright lies presented as truth--all of that crap is what makes politics something that I will never ever get into myself (although I've been tempted in local elections here in town).<br><br>
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