Hello all... may be a bit early with this since this forum is just a go go.<br>But, the company that I work for has one Mac (the one I'm typing on at the moment) which they wish to replace with a PC.<br><br>Unfortunately I'm a graphic designer and this Mac is used basically to design marketing and print materials in Quark Xpress 4.1 then burn them onto a Mac format CD. A process, which for 6 months has not let us down. Please note we are talking multi-national here i.e sending discs to printers and magazines and exhibition builders in Europe and the States. So my question(s) as a completely non-PC person surrounded by PC people telling me it will work fine! (Not one magazine I have spoken to so far seems willing to take a Mac disc) are:<br><br>A) Should I be concerned at this turn of events?<br>- i.e. Can I survive in a print world with a PC - any experiences out there please? What won't work?<br><br>B)Can you write a Mac Format CD from a PC?<br><br>Ewan<br><br>