OK, I hope most of the anti-French stuff that you hear is "funny." But there's no doubt that France is not a popular country in the US. My question is why--and the lack of support for the Iraqui intervention is not even the beginning of a full answer.<br><br>I imagine some of it has to do with England's historical conflicts with France, and with the usual pre-20th century (and maybe continuing) English sense of superiority over the French. We assume English prejudices because England is our "mother country," even though so few Americans are of British descent (and if you factor in the fact that Scotland never had that sense of being superior to France, then the numbers here are even lower). But that can't be all of it.<br><br>Is it because without France there would have been no United States--a continuing sense of historical insecurity? That strikes me as far-fetched in a country where "history" means what happened a week ago.<br><br>Is it because France has a history that goes back at least 1400 years and ours goes back only 250? Again, I doubt that--Americans seem not to give much impotance to those kinds of points.<br><br>The canard that the French can't fight is so transparently a non-issue that I can't believe that people give it any credence.<br><br>France in the post-WW II period always wanted to chart its own course--it didn't join the military aspect of NATO, it didn't always follow the US lead in international initiatives, etc.: are we ticked off because the French try to be independent? Seems a bit petty to me, but I guess that's possible. If so, I wonder how France feels about our non-support in the Sinai Crisis, or in Algeria, or in . . . .<br><br>The assertions that French people are nasty is, in my personal experience, simply stupid. Granted that the woman who ran the B&B I stayed at near the Gare du Nord was a bitch--but she was a bitch because she was a nasty person, not because she was French. Everyone else I met and talked with in Paris and in the south of France was kind, considerate, friendly. Anecdotal evidence, I grant, but at least based on experience.<br><br>That they're nasty cause they don't bathe is also silly. That may have been true in the 17th or 18th century--but then no one bathed back then, and the French were no different in that regard from the English, the Italians, the Spanish, the Poles, etc., etc.<br><br>It's always possible that we hate them because they have such wonderful cheese and we don't. Or because they value art and we don't. Or because they love to sit of an afternoon at a cafe and talk, and we don't.<br><br>Me, I love France. It is one of the loveliest places I've ever been.<br><br>
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