Here is what irresponsible and biased journalism looks like...<br><br><br>A few notes about this "article":<br><br>Idiot Statement #1:<br>"But its HomePage Web-publishing feature won't work without a .Mac account, which provides the needed Web-hosting space."<br><br>My Reply: <br>Um, hello??? Is anyone home??? McFly, are you in there? The only way to GET homepage is if you have .Mac to begin with!!! So saying that it sucks because you can't use it without .Mac is kind of stupid, dontcha think? <br><br>There are other alternatives for building web pages... they cost hundreds of dollars and you have to know how to code HTML (a little anyways). Ever hear of GoLive, Dreamweaver or Freeway... stupid writer jack@ss!!!<br><br>Idiot Statement #2:<br>The writer complains that iCal doesn't produce the browser-viewable calendars on any website but .Mac.<br><br>My reply:<br>iCal doesn't "create" browser-viewable calendars on .Mac either... only the web-objects app housed on .Mac creates them. So, to say that iCal is crippled unless you are a .Mac subscriber is complete BS!! Not to mention that about 2 minutes of searches on virutally any search engine will find you plenty of websites that gave the same capabilities for displaying your calendars as .Mac for free, and even some with better capabilities.<br><br>Idiotic Statement #3:<br>"The Backup program is useless without a .Mac membership."<br><br>My reply:<br>The car is simply useless unless you pay for the engine as well!! Once again, the only way to get is if you have a .Mac membership. Once again, there are plenty of alternatives out there that cost much more. It's not like Apple puts a copy of Backup on every computer and brags about it and then makes it unuseable... It's a specific advantage of being a .Mac member. What is so hard to understand about this???<br><br>The Grand Poo-Bah of Idiotic Statements:<br>"Even the Mac OS X operating system is partially disabled for those who aren't .Mac members."<br><br>My reply:<br><br>That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. He's complaining and saying the OS is crippled because there is a shortcut to your iDisk in the Go Menu if you have a .Mac membership. <br><br>I mean that's like saying Apple is crippling the OS because it provides Mail app & a browser for free, but doesn't pay for my ISP service... Is ANYONE really this ignorant???<br><br>Does he also think the OS is crippled because it can take advantage of a dual display card, but does not give you a second display for free when you buy OSX???<br><br>What about a free scanner and digital camera for that extra USB port on the back??? <br><br>My God Stan... you're worried about pleasing us with your stories on the front page by putting those ratings stars there... trust me my friend... you have NOTHING to worry about!<br><br><br><br>[color:red]What? I don't understand. What?</font color=red>
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