This was an email from my MUG. The person asking the question is the publications manager for our college's public affairs office.<br><br>"We had a professional photographer shoot an event here and he gave us all the images on a CD, as many of our photographers are doing now. My G5 doesn't see it, nor does an Emac with Panther or an older G4 using OS 9.2. The cd is a gold IBM CD-R 80 minute-700mb. It appears that PC people have no trouble at all. Any ideas on why this is happening? We want to avoid this in the future."<br><br>I just spoke with this person and she says she hears the CD spin up but that's all that happens. It won't mount on a Mac. The same CD will mount on a windows machine. This is the first time that she has had this kind of trouble and I suggested she talk to the photographer. <br><br>I'm curious if anyone else has had this problem because I thought that a Mac could mount a CD regardless of how it was burned.<br><br><br>
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