All I know is, it's not working! Real's stock tanked yesterday by 20 cents a share to end the day at $5. Their music sales was a loss leader no doubt. After the company's poor stock performance Real has a real decision to make on whether to scrap the 49 cent song the investor's have provided their two-cents worth.<br><br>The website they published to field input was inundated by mac fans, forcing Real to pull the site down. Many of the comments contained profanity directed at Glaser.<br><br>This whole affair is a disaster for Glaser if you ask me. I'm glad too. I don't like his player, his service, or his attitude. Rob Glaser sucks the big one.<br><br>As far as open source goes, I'm for it but not where the iPod or iTunes is concerned. The technology is too new and Apple deserves first-rights and first crack at recuperating it's investment.<br><br><br>[color:red]I am not John Kerry and I made this ad.</font color=red>

M i c h a e l (OFI)