I was considering moving my music files to a secondary HD to free up space on my main HD, being as I plan to import my entire CD collection to ultimately share on my new iPod.<br>I found this thread note at the Apple discussion site and wanted to get some feedback from anyone who may have tried this. I just want to be sure there's nothing missing I should know about.<br><blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>Topic: Changing the location of the Itunes music <br>Original Message ( Posted Feb 22, 04 2:44 am ) New!<br><br>Arrannen Calla <br>Level 1 <br><br> <br><br><br>How does one successfully change the locations of the Itunes music library (such as migrating to an external HD) without losing any information? <br><br>Answer: <br><br>After trying to move my library without success, and looking at some of the posts, it would seem that the following is true. <br><br>The option "Preferences/advanced/Itunes Music folder location -->this option merely points to the directory where Itunes stores the physical MP3 files themselves, NOT where the XML libraries are kept <br><br>contents of ../Users/<name>/Music/ <br><br>Itunes <br>           Itunes 4 Music Library (this MUST stay in the ../Music folder) <br>           Music Folder (this folder is pointed to by prefs/advanced) <br>           Itunes Music Library.xml (this MUST stay in the ../Music folder) <br><br>IN short, the easiest way to move your music is to point to a new music folder on your external drive, choose consolidate from the menu and this will copy the music stored in your "Itunes/Music folder" to the new location. NOTE that it ONLY moves the folder where the physical copies of your music are kept. Itunes will STILL look for its two files (Itunes 4 music library and Itunes Music Library.xml) in the Music folder. Once Itunes finishes the copy, it is safe to delete the folder inside the Music/Itunes folder. <br><br>Many thanks to a post by Steve N which pointed me in the right direction for this! <br><p><hr></blockquote><p>