Linkage<br><br>I've posted the text copy below so you don't have to go to the site if you don't want to give them any more hits. (The only reason I posted the link at all is because it's so freakin' stupid/outlandish that you probably wouldn't believe me!) ...CNET can braid my butt-hair for all i care anymore! <br><br>Apple has its worms, too. Why not switch? <br>The conventional wisdom is that most people use PCs because they have to, and Macs are the easier, safer, and more reliable option. But if you're a Mac user, you already know about their persistent fulfillment problems, the $129 price tag for all OS X updates, and gradually increasing security concerns. The latest? Apple's planning to release a new iMac, but it won't be available until September--well after Apple stores run out of the current model. Maybe it's actually time to think about switching to a PC. Consider these alternatives.<br><br>*shows a list of PCs with ratings below*<br><br><br>