ok yes I like Jeremy's control strips I always have used the ones he lets me have for free and have often wanted to buy a book type of computer just to try them all out.<br>Sorry about the link thingy I did fix it... or at least I thought I did... before I went to bed, it was 4 am .... Hey STAN! I would like a one day time limit! After all if it is only for one hour, then why don't you take out the "mark as edited" as that is what it is there for isn't it? I mean there are only a few of us here so far but there may be a pile of unfixed errors soon if you DON"T allow us to fix our mistakes within one 24 hour day... tell all the punters that they have to make any changes within one day and tell the forum software to remove the F**##*ING Edit your reply button after that period nothing worse than a mindless bot telling you to piss off when the edit button is still plain to see.!! try again<br>[color:red]but don't blame me if mac.com plays up as though I copied the link from there it just told me it could not find my member page ... I am going back to bed then when I get up again I am going to stip this computer down and overhaul its hardware ....damn thing is groaning and making too many errors! If I don't come back then maybe I have gone to buy an iBook .. </font color=red><br><P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Entish on 06/30/01 11:01 PM (server time).</EM></FONT></P>