I bought a G4 PowerBook when they first hit the street and had was a little upset my last expensive auto/airplane adapter wouldnt work. I was moving (driving) from Silicon Valley back to the east coast and my wife wanted to work on a design for a website she was contracted for. So I purchased an adapter at an auto parts store that turns a cigarette lighter into TWO standard electrical plugs. It was cheaper than the adapter I purchased for my pismo, and I was able to power my TiBook and a large firewire drive as well. <br><br>The next week I had to make the trip again, this time with two small kids (3 and 7). I used the TiBook to play movies and Playstation games. I placed the TiBook on the center console facing the rear of the car and used a casette/portable cd player car adapter to play the audio over the cars speakers from the headphone out jack.<br>Pretty cool.<br><br>Moof<br><br>